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Anthony Rizzo Jerseys said. Chicago Cubs Jerseys

Le 24 December 2017, 05:31 dans Humeurs 0

"I was super nervous," he Anthony Rizzo Jerseys said. Chicago Cubs Jerseys "I just threw like 12 pitches, and the scout said, 'That's it.' I said, 'Really?' After the tryout, they called my dad and said, 'We need to talk.'" The Cubs staff had obviously seen enough of Alzolay before those 12 pitches to make a decision Javier Baez Jerseys to sign him in December 2012. He has worked his way up, making his U.S. debut in 2014 with Class A Boise. He only threw three innings there. "They sent Anthony Rizzo Jerseys me to Arizona Rookie Ball [that year] because they said, 'You're going to be a starter, and you're young and we're going to prepare you for the future,'" Alzolay said. He's improved each season, and this year, Alzolay's fastball velocity has increased. He's learned how to use his lower body more, thanks to work with Minor League pitching coach Anderson Tavarez. "I really felt it," Alzolay said. During an AFL outing on Oct. 27, he struck out two batters, getting the first on a 97-mph fastball and the second on an 83-mph curve. He's still fine-tuning his changeup. "That's my third pitch, and I need to get it ready," Alzolay said of the change. "If you want to play in the big leagues, you need to have that pitch, you need to be able to throw that pitch in any count. I can throw my fastball and breaking ball whenever I want. Sometimes with my changeup, I'm like, 'Should I throw that pitch or not?' I don't trust that pitch too much, so I'm working on that really hard." The biggest boost in Alzolay's young career may have come from the Cubs' mental skills coaches, including Rey Fuentes and former big league outfielder Darnell McDonald. Alzolay now meditates every day. "That's part of my routine," Alzolay said. "Last year, I was like, 'OK, I'll do meditation,' but it was kind of boring. I didn't know if I needed it. [Fuentes and McDonald] told me, 'You need to be more focused on your game. You have all the tools to be a big leaguer. Addison Russell Jerseys If you prepare your mind as you prepare your body, you'll be a perfect baseball player.' "I said, 'OK, I'm going to try,'" Alzolay said. "I started to do meditation and yoga at the same time. When I'm on the mound and I get in a situation, I just breathe and everything [calms] down. Meditating helps me to be in control every time, to be in the game, to be in the present all the time." Once the AFL season ends, Alzolay will go home to Venezuela to spend the holidays with his family. Epstein didn't project Alzolay as one of the Cubs' 2018 starters, but the youngster is getting close. He knew that Epstein had mentioned his name. "I heard about it," Alzolay said. "That's why I'm getting ready. I'm getting super prepared to be in the big leagues. I think it's time to be there." So what are you waiting for, stop your mouse, click here, refuel!

Javier Baez Jerseys the game The Cubs

Le 18 November 2017, 07:56 dans Humeurs 0

Brandon Morrow, Kenley Jansen and Kenta Maeda combine for three innings of scoreless relief work in the Dodgers' series-clinching win Curtain closes on Cubs With Chicago out, MLB has not had a repeat World Series champion since the Yankees won three titles in a row from 1998-2000. Before Thursday, the Cubs had Anthony Rizzo Jerseys won five straight elimination games since the beginning of the 2016 postseason. Of 37 teams to face a 3-0 deficit in a best-of-seven series, they became just the seventh to force a Game 5. The Cubs have played 33 games over the last three postseasons. Quintana's start Thursday, when he lasted just two-plus innings, was the second shortest by a Cubs starter over that span. The only shorter Cubs postseason start since 2015 came from Jason Hammel in Game 4 of the NLCS that October. The six earned runs Quintana allowed are the most by a Cubs starter in the postseason since Ted Lilly in Game 2 of the 2007 NLDS. With a runner on first base, Jose Quintana strikes out Justin Turner swinging for the first out of Javier Baez Jerseys the game The Cubs had one Javier Baez Jerseys hitless at-bat with runners in scoring position on Thursday, which left them 1-for-31 in those situations Addison Russell Jerseys over their last seven games. Outscored 28-8 in the series, the Cubs notched all of their runs via their seven homers. In four of the five games against the Dodgers, Chicago scored off one or more solo shots -- and nothing else. Previously, no team had put together more than two such games in a single postseason round. The 1983 Phillies are the only other team to have four games in an entire postseason in which all of their runs came via solo homers. So what are Chicago Cubs Jerseys you waiting for, stop your mouse, click here, refuel!

Addison Russell Jerseys by the plastic sheeting

Le 30 October 2017, 08:17 dans Humeurs 0

Cubs savor moment after hard-fought series Jon Lester doesn't remember who Anthony Rizzo Jerseys first provided the mindset, but he practices it after each series victory. A three-time World Series champion, Lester has found himself at the center of many celebrations like the one the Cubs enjoyed after their 9-8 victory Thursday against the Nationals in Game 5 of the National League Division Series presented by T-Mobile. At 33, Chicago Cubs Jerseys he knows the Addison Russell Jerseys cruelty of the game he plays. He knows his total of 20 postseason starts is not ever-expanding. He knows the joyous moments could end at any time. So as the music blared, the cheers loudened, and the smells of smoke and champagne filled the visitors' clubhouse at Nationals Park, Lester, as he always does, savored it. He was among the biggest celebrators in the small, square room, further restricted Addison Russell Jerseys by the plastic sheeting covering the lockers as players doused one another. "These moments are always great," Lester said. "I've been a firm Javier Baez Jerseys believer in that since Day 1. Somebody told me that early on in my career where you don't take these moments for granted. It may be your last. "This game is very fickle, to the fact that you never know when your last one may come, so I always try to enjoy them as best you can." The party was not diluted despite the Cubs needing two more series victories to repeat as World Series champions. For them, there has been plenty to celebrate of late. Chicago advanced to its third straight NL Championship Series, presented by Camping World, with its wild victory over Washington. The celebration afterward was arguably just as raucous. Corks, caps and ice cubes speckled the blue carpet. Champagne dripped from the beards of outfielders Ben Zobrist and Jason Heyward. Others smoked cigars. So what are you waiting for, stop your mouse, click here, refuel!

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